What People Are Saying About Village Therapy Works

Proud Parent

Village Therapy Works, from the staff to the therapists, creates an environment where our child feels welcome and loved. He calls it going to work, like his dad, and he is proud of his accomplishments with Ms. Christine. His respect and admiration of her have always pushed him to do more and to do better. Additionally, Ms. Christine’s honest communication allows us to help reinforce the skills and the strategies our son is working on. It is a team effort. We have recommended Village Therapy Works to other parents because we truly believe what they do and what they teach builds confidence and skills that will benefit our son over the course of his entire education and throughout his life.


The therapists at Village Therapy Works are amazing. And that’s not hyperbole. My son went from being barely understandable to anyone but me at 2 yrs 8 months to correcting my speech if I mispronounced a word at 3 yrs to sounding totally normal at 3 yrs 6 months.

Early on, Holly hit upon the approach that seems to work best for him, which is minimal pairs. Even though I’d been saying “boat” all his life and he still said “dote,” a light bulb just went on over his head when Holly gave him both visual and oral cues about the difference between boat and dote. I believe his therapy is going to be shorter than I expected, and it’s all because Holly took the time to try several approaches until she landed on the best one for him.

As good as the therapists are, my son wouldn’t be excited to go to speech and or doing so well if it weren’t an all-around fun experience. That’s where the front office staff comes in. He loves seeing them. It’s a pleasant, casual front area that is comfortable for both me and my son. It’s also tremendously helpful to me that the staff emails me my statement every week. It saves VTW the paper, and it saves me from having to keep track of it in hard copy form or scan it and save it to my computer. Just one of the examples of how helpful and accommodating the staff is.

All the hard work is paying off in spades, as evidenced by the note on my son’s progress report from just a couple of months into his therapy:

[A’s] words are becoming clearer. He enjoys raising his hands to answer questions and he has been willing to repeat a phrase or sound if we ask him to without becoming embarrassed.

Making a difference!

What a truly amazing thing to give the gift of language to a child that allows them to enjoy life, to learn and grow, and become a confident person that in turn has the opportunity to give back to others one day. The ability to express thoughts and be heard has given our son the freedom to be who he is…..a child full of potential. Judy Davison and her staff of professionals are more than just specialists in Speech and Occupational therapy, they are real people that care and they change lives one child at a time. Our heartfelt thanks to all the staff at VTW for their devotion to making a difference!

Feel very fortunate

I feel very fortunate to have my daughter at Village Therapy Works, the therapists and staff are extremely kind and easy to work with.

Great Experience

We had a great experience at Village Therapy Works. My twins received weekly speech therapy sessions there for several months. We were given clear direction and ‘homework’ after each meeting and notable progress was made after each and every session. My girls were released from therapy after achieving their goals. I would highly recommend Village Therapy Works and having nothing but praises for Judy Davison. She is highly skilled in her arena.

I highly recommend them

My son is both dyslexic and ADHD and could barely read at the end of 1st grade. We were so lucky to have found Village Therapy Works and Judy Davison, they have worked miracles with him and he looks forward to seeing her. We have been going just about a year now and he is reading and writing and catching up with his peers. I highly recommend them.