Occupational Therapy Month

April is Occupational Therapy Month!

As Occupational Therapy Month comes to a close, we wanted to provide some tips for fine motor development that you can use as a parent over the summer.  Try to limit your child’s time with electronics; opt instead for some fine motor games and activities!  Here are some examples to try:

  • Board games (most board games have a fine motor component to them; you can also have your child play the game with tweezers to move the pieces)
  • Arts and crafts (making necklaces, playing Legos, stickers, painting using a q-tip as the paintbrush, hole puncher, cutting and gluing crafts, etc.)
  • Make homemade play-dough or slime. Here are some recipes:
  • Make rice krispie treats or cookies having your child stir and form the shapes
  • Head to the park to climb on a playground

Try to turn an activity your child already likes to do into a fine motor activity to promote development while still having fun!